Software is the key to success for Van Hoecke ——

Our customer Van Hoecke (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) makes a point of delivering tailormade TA’OR drawer boxes within three working days. This means that there are only 72 hours between order intake and delivery. Each type drawer box is available in a wide range of colors, materials and dimensions. The catalogue consists of 48.000 billion possible variants. No wonder they keep a super tight production schedule. Every minute counts!

Van Hoecke - TA'OR-box

Van Hoecke has been working with ARDIS® to systematically decrease production time and increase material yield. With great success!

—— “After the implementation of ARDIS® production time dropped by more than half, to only 70 minutes, while the material yield increased from 80% to 93%.”

Giel Van den Bossche (production engineer @ Van Hoecke)
Faster production thanks to better connection between machines ——

The key to success here was to build a seamless data flow connection between the Winstore automatic warehouse, the Selco beam saw and the Tiger Stop cross cut saw. Every fifteen minutes a new batch is released for production. ARDIS® OPTIMIZER automatically generates the correct data for each of the three machines.

Instant communication between office and shop floor ——

At each work station a big screen informs operators on the current status of all jobs to be processed. In the picture you see the Selco beam saw that cuts the strips, which are then cut into parts by the Tiger Stop crosscut saw. Completely in sync with the movement of sheets, strips and parts, ARDIS® PERFORM pumps all relevant job information through the screens at each work station. The jobs marked in red are rush orders, getting absolute priority. This way the operators know exactly what to do. The instant communication between the office and the shop floor makes life easier for everyone!

13% material yield increase due to better warehouse and offcut management ——
Before the implementation of ARDIS® 20% of all basic material sheets was thrown away. After the implementation this number was reduced to only 7%. An incredible result that is not only due to ARDIS® OPTIMIZER, but also due to ARDIS® STOCK and the implementation of buffer cells between workstations. ARDIS®: all products are powerful alone, but better together!
The story has only just begun ! ——
The power of ARDIS® is that you can start small and then grow into the solution. Also at Van Hoecke, production engineer Giel Van den Bossche sees new opportunies at the horizon.
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