Sell cut to size parts online
Do you recognize this? ——
  • Too much time spent creating quotes
  • Pricing based on estimates
  • Unreadable handwriting causing production errors
  • Re-entering paper orders into your system
  • Customers demand real-time pricing
  • Order to machine process requires manual interactions
ARDIS® TRADE e-ordering platform enables your customers ——
  • Real-time Configure – Price – Quote (CPQ)
  • Easily process edgebanding, drilling, special cuts…
  • Error feedback: eg. part too long
  • Instant quote to order validation
  • 24-hour availability
  • Copy-paste from Excel
  • Direct link to machine
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4 online steps when ordering cut-to-size parts


Error-free e-order entry
  • Full sheets, cut and machined parts
  • Edgebanding, grooving, drilling, dowling, etc. 


Real-time quote approval

  • Delivery preferences (address & date)



  • Cutting/nesting optimization
  • Direct post processing to all machine brands

Impact on the business:


lower cost to order

< 9

months payback


errors reduced to zero
Key advantages ——
  • Initial web plug in tool in a day
  • Significant time & cost savings
  • First time right quotes, orders and delivery
  • Automated order processing
  • More efficient machine usage
  • Increased service levels to your customers (customer retention)
  • Easy and intuitive: no training needed for your customers 
  • 24-hour availability

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—— “35% of my margin was spent on quoting and error handling. My personal time gain is 22 hours per week.”

Gert-Jan De Kegel, Production manager, De Somer, Belgium


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