06/05/2022 customer case Romulus & Remus - Romulus & Remus from Bilzen (Belgium) is a high-end interior furnishing company. Here the layouts generated by our ARDIS® OPTIMIZER are sent to a HolzHer nesting machine. For every layout a machine file in the HOP format is built. To achieve this ARDIS® OPTIMIZER connects with ARDIS® CAM CENTER, our brand new solution for creating, editing and running CNC post processors.

Did you know that with ARDIS® CAM CENTER:

  • You can make changes to your post processors yourself, without the intervention of an external developer?
  • You can control each and every aspect of the nesting process (lead-in, lead-out, different steps, feed, tool selection, rotation speed of the tool, etc.)?
  • You can control the labelling on your nesting machine?
  • You can optimize the extraction process of scrap on your nesting machine?

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