02/03/2022 customer case Diaform - Diaform (Deinze - BE) produces tailormade furniture for kitchens and bathrooms. In order to get more yield out of their basic materials, Diaform actively manages offcuts with ARDIS® STOCK. Each time a new production batch is sent down to the shop floor, ARDIS® OPTIMIZER automatically checks if there are any offcuts in stock that can be recuperated. If so, a pick-up list is generated with all offcuts that need to be taken out of stock. From the list the operator knows exactly which offcuts to retrieve from which locations.

Did you know?

  • In ARDIS® OPTIMIZER it is possible to prioritize the use of offcuts. This way you can start reducing your offcuts stock if it has grown too big.
  • For every basic material you can set different criteria for a scrap piece to be qualified as an offcut. As a rule of thumb, the more valuable the basic material is, the lower these requirements will be.
  • Offcuts that are reserved for a particular project cannot be taken out of stock but for that particular project.

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