November 24, 2022 customer case Stelieform - Stelieform (Gistel, Belgium) is a B2B-company specialized in manufacturing cabinet fronts & doors for other professional joiners and interior furnishers.

In the office a production batch is created in ARDIS® OPTIMIZER. The parts list is then enriched with additional information like edge indicationCNC-instructions and the definition of perfect grain figures. Just before optimization the latest, up-to-date basic material sheets list is imported from ARDIS® STOCK.

After optimization all the right data is readily available:

  • The basic material sheets required for that particular job are automatically reserved in STOCK. They can no longer be used in other optimization projects.
  • For each layout a machine file for the Selco or the Holzher beam saw is generated.
  • For every part that needs extra machining a CNC-program is delivered in the CIX file format.
  • Various reports and project folders can be printed so that everyone on the shop floor is correctly informed about the upcoming work.

At the beam saw the operator can open OPTIMIZER on the PC of the machine. Here OPTIMIZER retrieves signals from the beam saw controller each time a part is being cut, causing the correct label to be printed automatically.

ARDIS® always aims for the highest yield, avoiding offcuts and scrap as much as possible. However, should there be any offcuts that can be recuperated in future optimization projects, they will be first registered in STOCK and then put into an offcut rack.

Did you know that:

  • you can automatically import a cut list from your ERP-system into OPTIMIZER?
  • STOCK is the most user-friendly, intuitive warehouse management system in the sheet-cutting industry?
  • you can design your own part labels from scratch in OPTIMIZER?
  • from OPTIMIZER you can control your CNC-machine?

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