28/06/2022 customer case Inter-Systems - Inter-Systems from Genk (Belgium) is specialized in the processing of HPL compact panels and Corian for various applications. Here ARDIS® built a total solution in which we make the link between the Bargstedt automatic warehouse on the one hand and a Selco beam saw on the other hand.

When processing such valuable materials, the recuperation of remnants is crucial. This is done by means of a smooth interaction between ARDIS® STOCK and ARDIS® OPTIMIZER. Whether it is offcuts with larger dimensions that go back into the automatic warehouse, or smaller offcuts that are placed in a separate rack, the produced remnants are again included in the list of available basic materials, and can thus be used in new optimization projects.

Did you know that with ARDIS® STOCK:

  • You can prioritize the reuse of remnants for future projects?
  • You can connect directly with the controller of the automatic warehouse?
  • You always have an exact overview of your stock of sheet materials?

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