September 27, customer case Bürstner - Bürstner (Wissembourg, France) is a manufacturer of motorhomes and campervans. Each vehicle boasts some high end furniture like cupboards, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, a wardrobe, etcetera. In order to produce these superior interior elements in an efficient way Bürstner uses high performance machinery and prepares all production data via ARDIS®.

In order to ensure a seamless data flow ARDIS® has set up a connection between the OPTIMIZER and the ERP-system. Production orders are loaded into the optimization software, where cutting patterns and machine instructions are generated. This information is then sent back to the ERP-system. Ultimately a Holzma and Schelling beam saw cut the available basic material sheets into the requested parts.

Did you know that with ARDIS® OPTIMIZER:

  • It is possible to impose a fixed first cutting direction? This means that a sheet can always be loaded in the same way into the machine.
  • You can improve your yield by allowing head cuts on your layouts (if supported by the machine)?
  • You can optimize your project in function of the lowest total cost of producing a project, taking into account material value, handling time, cutting time, etcetera ?

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